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Pt. 4: Back to Iowa

Trying to find the family in the 1880 census brought me back to Iowa. A longshot search panned out. I used these search parameters:

  • First Name: Alma
  • Birthplace: Iowa
  • Mother's Birthplace: Sweden
  • Father's Birthplace: Sweden

I expected to get hundreds or even thousands of hits, but instead got this very manageable list of 20 names:

alma - search results

Since we know (from the Swedes in Texas index) that Alma was born in New London, Henry Co., IA, I immediately zeroed in on the entry for Alma Sandnerbourg. In spite of the wildly improbable surname, the location and the first names of the parents, John and Christina, made it look promising.

This census page indeed turned out to contain an entry for the right John and Christina Vennerberg family. When you look at the actual census page, you will see that while the surname is mangled, the first letter looks like a V. Also, the family lists two step-children with the surname Angstrom.

View the 1880 Census for John and Christina Vennerberg:

1880 census

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