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“Christina - Vennerberg - came from Texas to live with daughter Mrs. Carlson at Burlington Ia. ”

“Granddaddy's eldest sister, Christine Vennerberg from Texas to Burlington, Iowa to live with daughter Mrs. Carlson.”


Since finding these intriguing clues in Mom's handwritten research notes way back in 1993, we have searched for the elusive Christina Johnson Vennerberg and her daughter Mrs. Carlson without much luck. You can review the complete set of Mom's notes: sheet 1 front, sheet 1 back, and sheet 2.

Although Vennerberg is not a very common name, Carlson most certainly is. Back in 2003 (or maybe even earlier), I found some information in the 1880 U.S. Census and the 1895 Iowa State Census that seemed pertinent, but now I believe the family I found in the 1880 Census is not related to us. This information is described in Part 1.

After finding those two pieces of information, but nothing more that seemed promising, I decided to create a separate Reunion database to record all of the people I found with or connected to the surname Vennerberg. My thought was that some of the people in my new data base would eventually connect.

Over the last few years more and more records have been digitized or indexed and are now available online, making it much easier to find historical information.

This week, on 15 March 2007, Ancestry.com unveiled a new Iowa State Census database which covers the years 1836 to 1925. The database contains fully indexed images of the original state census records. Upon learning about the new database, I immediately started searching it and found that the 1925 Iowa State Census is the greatest census ever! It asked each person some very unique questions—father's name and birthplace, mothers maiden name and birthplace, and where their parents were married.

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